Industrial Minerals – Industrial minerals are geological materials mined for their commercial value which are not fuels or metals. Typically they are carbonates, clays, sand, gravel, diatomite, kaolin, bentonites, silica, barite, gypsum and talc. Grinding Solutions consults globally on and provides laboratory services to all of these sectors and some more specific minerals within these classes.

Metalliferous Minerals – With ever decreasing ore grades and increasing energy costs the need for smart processing has become more significant. Grinding Solutions has been involved with a number of projects looking at removing waste material at an early stage using differential crushing, sorters, screens, gravity separation and coarse bulk flotation. International standards for environmental controls are always addressed during process selection and waste rejection.

Oil Field Minerals – Oil field demand for minerals has grown extensively over the last 10 years as drilling technology and extraction techniques have demanded evermore technical solutions. Grinding Solutions has worked with international oil field supply companies to develop products in many markets and has extensive knowledge of the end user requirements. The company has also worked in process development of oil shale deposits.