Grinding Media Testing – Quality Control

Grinding Solutions ceramic grinding media testing services provide efficient and reliable quality control testing.

Excellent laboratory facilities, knowledge and experience are combined to provide bespoke grinding media testing procedures tailored to the requirements of all quality control requirements. The equipment and procedures used are industry specific, providing meaningful and reliable data to verify the performance of grinding media, and highlight any potentially problematic variation in performance.

Bespoke grinding media testing assess the following industrially accepted performance related issues:

  • Grinding Media Wear
  • Grinding Efficiency
  • Media – Mill Power Efficiency

Ceramic grinding media testing is tailored to the requirements of industry specific quality control applications. Test procedures and parameters can be modified to replicate plant grinding conditions. Test procedures can also be undertaken using standardised silica feed material, eliminating the need for the expense of shipping ore, and producing reliable and repeatable test conditions for continuing quality control. Wear testing can be combined with our microscopy services for analysis of media size distribution and sphericity, pre- and post-wear.

The Grinding Solutions laboratory has both vertical and horizontal stirred media mills enabling testing for both SMD and IsaMill applications.  Further details and options for our ceramic grinding media testing can be found in our quality control testing brochure.