Grinding Media Testing – Continuous Open Circuit Tests

Grinding Solutions continuous open circuit grinding media testing services provide an industry leading approach to ceramic grinding media testing. The services are used to produce accurate and reliable data on the wear performance of ceramic grinding media in relation to specific operating conditions. A wide range of vertical and horizontal stirred media mills of varying sizes are operated in open circuit configuration, application of a variety of specific test procedures provide the array of services offered.

Continuous open circuit grinding media testing can be used to provide fast, accurate and dependable answers to the following industry accepted grinding media related issues:

  • Troubleshooting
    • Identification of Performance Related Issues
  • Industrially Related Quality Control Testing
  • Comparative Grinding Media Wear and Performance Testing
    • Market Research Testing
  • Grinding Media Selection Optimisation
    • Media Wear and Grinding Efficiency Testing
    • Selection and Testing of Media Size, Density, and Type 
  • Process Verification Testing 


Continuous open circuit grinding media testing combines additional analytical techniques which allow for the assessment of the reaction of mill power draw and grinding efficiency to grinding media wear. These additional analytical tools can be paramount for comparative grinding media testing, as well as the optimisation of grinding media selection for specific applications.