Grinding Media

Grinding Solutions offers a range of media services to maximise your grinding efficiency and ensure minimum wear rate.

Selection & Supply

Grinding Solutions works with a variety of grinding media and leading international grinding media manufacturers and has been involved in a number of R&D grinding media projects. Grinding Solutions is able to offer the advice on grinding media procurement and a range of steel and ceramic grinding media for metalliferous and industrial mineral applications can be specified and supplied.

Steel media for ball mills and Vertimills® is offered in various sizes and grades including high, medium and low chrome compositions. Ceramic grinding media is offered in a range of sizes from 0.2 to 80 mm with densities ranging from 6.2 to 2.7 SG to suit specific applications.


Grinding Solutions offers a ceramic grinding media optimisation program for SMD and IsaMills™.

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Quality Control

Grinding Solutions ceramic grinding media testing services provide efficient and reliable quality control testing. The equipment and procedures used are industry specific, providing meaningful and reliable data to verify the performance of grinding media, and highlight any potentially problematic variation in performance.

Bespoke grinding media testing assess the following industrially accepted performance related issues:

  • Grinding Media Wear
  • Grinding Efficiency
  • Media – Mill Power Efficiency

Ceramic grinding media testing is tailored to the requirements of industry specific quality control applications. Test procedures and parameters can be modified to replicate plant grinding conditions or can be undertaken using standardised silica feed material, eliminating the expense of shipping ore, and producing reliable and repeatable test conditions for continuing quality control. Wear is assessed in terms of mass of media lost during the test and changes in the size and shape of the media, and the knock on effect on particle size.

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