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Scoping testing of a VMS deposit


GSL were requested to carry out scoping testing of a VMS deposit to begin to determine the flowsheet and expected grades and recoveries. The project was a greenfield exploration project in Western Europe and the deposit contains both Massive Sulphide (MS) and Stockwork (STKW) ore types.




Assessment showed that the copper in the MS was too fine for economic extraction with a liberation of less than 2µm.

Lead and zinc mineralogy also fine with primary grind sizes of c. P80 25µm anticipated, in line with existing operations in the pyrite belt.

STKW contained coarser mineralogy but with secondary copper sulphides thus containing an inherent sphalerite activation challenge.


MS lead and zinc performance in line with other operations within the region.

STKW produced saleable copper (26% Cu), lead (55% Pb) and zinc (52% Zn) concentrates with acceptable recoveries (c. 75%).

Both ore types responded well to standard reagent regimes.


GSL conducted scoping testing of a VMS deposit and found that saleable concentrates could be produced and that performance was in line with similar operations in the region. Off the back of this work, further optimisation work is scheduled to enhance the performance.