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IAEG Annual Conference

Nick Wilshaw, Managing Director, and Phil Hingston, Technical Manager, will be attending the Irish Association For Economic Geology (IAEG) Annual Conference ‘Mining Our Future’.

Phil Hingston will also be presenting ‘Advantages of Incorporating Metallurgical Investigations in Early Stage Exploration’ at the event on Saturday 11th May.

Presentation Abstract:

Given the cost of exploration drilling, availability of sample for metallurgical testing in the early stage of a project, can be minimal. That said, establishing links between geology and metallurgy at an early stage can be vital for a project’s success. Early stage characterisation enables progressive implementation of the geometallurgical approach to life of mine optimisation. This presentation will focus on the requirements of testwork programmes as a project life increases, as well as the relevant techniques to provide the best information for de-risking a project as it moves towards financing and construction

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GeoMetallurgy Seminar

On Friday 4th October 2019 we will be running a GeoMetallurgy Seminar as highlighted in the IAEG’s Annual Conference event programme: