Glencore Technology Jameson L500 available for testing at GSL

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer testwork for Glencore Technology Jameson flotation cells, further enhancing our existing flotation and pilot capabilities.

The Jameson Cell induces intense contact between the bubbles and particles within the downcomer, with high pressure jet of feed shearing and entraining atmosphere as fine bubbles. These are mixed with the slurry particles, causing attachment to the bubbles and high carrying capacities. Within the tank pulp zone, particles are kept in suspension and in the tank froth zone grade of the concentrate is controlled through froth drainage and washing.

Using the L500 pilot rig, GSL are able to simulate full scale operation and understand the effect process variables such as froth depth, wash water rate and air pressure, have on flotation performance.  Due to the air entrainment and hydrodynamic conditions for mixing being the same across different size cells, no scale up is required.

This further enhances GSL existing pilot capabilities, which range from rod and ball mills to mechanical flotation cells, magnetic separation and gravity separation. Bench testing is also available to support flowsheet development and process optimisation programmes.

For more information on Jameson testing or any other GSL services, please get in touch.

L500    L500