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Bond Work Index Tests

GSL offers a range of Bond Work Index Testing from crushability and abrasion to ball and rod mills. For more information on the tests please see below:

Bond Low Energy Impact Test

The Bond Low-Energy Impact test can be used to determine the Crusher Work index (CWi), also known as the Impact Work Index. The test determines the impact energy at which a specimen fails and allows approximation of net power requirements for sizing crushers. The open and closed sized settings for given product sizes can also be determined.

The test requires at least 10 particles of -75 +50 mm ore, however for more representative results it is recommended that over 20 particles are tested.

Bond Ball Mill Grindability Test

The Bond Ball Mill Work Index (BBWi) test is carried out in a standardised ball mill with a pre-defined media and ore charge. The Work Index calculated from the testing can be used in the design and analysis of ball mill circuits

The test requires a minimum of 10kg of sample that has been stage-crushed to 100% passing size of <3.35 mm. Any screen size below 600µm can be used for the testwork depending on your requirements.

Bond Rod Mill Grindability Test

GSL can carry out Bond Rod Mill Work Index tests to determine the energy requirements for milling ore in a rod mill.

The test requires a minimum of 20kg of -12.5mm material. Closing screen sizes typically range from 4.75mm to 212µm.

Abrasion Index Test

The Abrasion Index is a recognised procedure to quantify abrasiveness and approximate wear that can be expected on media and mill liners.

The test requires a minimum of 5kg +25mm material.