The Geopyörä breakage test offers rapid, cost-effective rock breakage testing for multiple samples, producing detailed data to enhance understanding of ore hardness variability. Breakage energy is measured by observing the loss of momentum of the crushing wheels when samples are passed through, with the breakage force measured through the bending of an integrated load cell.

The data measured by Geopyörä can be used to accurately estimate standard comminution parameters and rock mechanical properties including:

  • Impact breakage (AxB, DWI, SPI)
  • Grindability (BBWi)
  • Mechanical strength (UCS, PLT)

By using small discrete samples from one metre half or quarter drill core, or less than 2 kg of crushed rocks, the Geopyörä test integrates with geochemical analysis better than other comminution tests, which require larger sample masses. This leads to improved understanding of deposit heterogeneity and is ideal for geometallurgical applications. With better understanding comes lower risk and better value.

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