The HIGmill® is a high intensity stirred-media grinding mill for fine and ultra-fine grinding. Initially designed for use in the industrial minerals sector, the HIGmill® has recently been used in metalliferous projects around the world. The HIGmill® can be advantageous due to a vertical design which minimises floor space requirements in plant and because it is available in larger power sizes (upwards of 6.5 MW) it could reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.

HIGmill® Testing Services

The STM HIGmill® 5 is a laboratory scale mill that can be used to size and test the potential performance of the Outotec HIGmill®.  Testing services that GSL can offer include:

Mill Technology Evaluation
GSL has a laboratory scale Stirred Media Detritor (SMD), IsaMill™ and HIGmill® which allows for comparison of fine grinding technologies to establish which may be most suitable for any given application.

Signature Plot Testing
Determining the energy requirement to reduce the material from feed size to target size, with the outputs from the test allowing for full scale up to plant.

Production Grinds
For pilot scale or large test programmes single or multi-stage production grinds can be carried out to generate enough sample for further testing.

Media Wear Testing
Testing either current or proposed ceramic media choices to determine media wear (in terms of g/kWh) that would be relatable to media wear expected on plant.

  • For media wear testing either Silica flour or ore from the plant can be used for the testing. The silica is a standardised abrasive material that can be used for media comparisons without having to incur the cost of suppling a large amount of ore.
  • Size and shape changes of the media can also be monitored using the GSL Zeiss Discovery V8 microscope, for examples and more detail on media wear testing contact us.