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Cyanide Bottle Roll Test

Cyanide bottle roll tests are the industry standard initial stage in assessing the gold recovery possible by cyanide leaching and provide information on expected recovery rates, reagent costs and required addition rates. It will also provide an accurate indication of the results you can obtain from your pilot plant and commercial scale leach circuit.

GSL uses mineralogy, chemical analyses and/or previous metallurgical data, or in absence of this data perform a standard cyanide leach test to plan test conditions. As testing progressed the conditions will be optimised. By applying these conditions across a range of samples, geometallurgical maps of cyanide response can be created.

GSL can investigate the following parameters:

  • Grind size
  • Cyanide dosage
  • Dissolved Oxygen levels
  • Pulp density
  • Lead nitrate addition
  • pH level
  • Carbon Concentration

These tests can deliver the following:

  • Recovery of Gold and other metals (e.g. silver, copper,..)
  • Leach kinetic data and plots for all metals tracked
  • Cyanide consumption with leach time data and curves
  • Final lime consumption