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Mozley Superpanner

The Mozley table or ‘Superpanner’ is a laboratory-scale gravity separation technology that is very well-suited for early scoping studies on ores which appear to be amenable to gravity separation.

By fine-tuning water addition, stroke rate and deck angle, very accurate gravity separations can be achieved using a Mozley Table.  Moreover,  sample mass requirements are small (typically 50 – 200g), making it possible to use this technique when insufficient material is available for larger scale tests such as spiral testing, shaking table testing or enhanced gravity testing.

The combination of very sensitive separation with small sample mass requirements makes the Mozley Table an extremely useful tool for indicating an ore’s susceptibility to gravity separation techniques, with key outputs being:

  • Achievable grade and recovery using gravity separation
  • Expected mass yield
  • The optimum size for gravity separation of the material