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Industrial Minerals

GSL has considerable knowledge and expertise in the industrial minerals sector and over 30 years of experience working within the industry on a global scale, particularly sectors associated with clays, calcium carbonates and barytes. The laboratory offers a wide range of industrial minerals testing programmes which can be tailored to best suit the requirements of our clients for optimisation, design or product development. We also offer consultancy services for the industrial minerals market.

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We can perform calcination at levels ranging from a few grams in a muffle furnace, to 10s of kg in a static kiln, up to pilot scale in an indirect heating rotary kiln.


Bleach tests can be performed at laboratory and small pilot scale in controlled batch process.

Product Specific Testing

We can produce a range of products depending upon the final product application and have these tested to prove acceptability and validity of the process route.

Attrition Scrubbing

Laboratory attrition scrubbing can be performed and energy requirements monitored at both laboratory and pilot scale.

Low Contamination Milling

Low contamination milling can be performed at laboratory scale in either batch or continuous mills with ceramic or polyurethane lined mills.

Brightness Testing

Brightness testing can be performed in-house for indicative purposes then verified by an accredited laboratory.