CSM 1980 Graduates 35th Reunion

There was a fantastic turnout of 1980 CSM graduates for their 35th reunion in Falmouth last weekend, held around the CSM Annual Dinner.  On the Friday evening a dinner was held at the Cove, Falmouth, with a few other CSM graduates from around that time, including their Mineral Processing Lecturer, Barry Wills with his wife Barbara, from MEI.

CSM 1980 Graduates 35th Reunion - The Cove

1980 graduates travelled from as far afield as Australia, Brussels, Canada, Ghana, Guyana and Holland as well as all over the UK to attend the reunion and the CSM Annual Dinner.



CSM 1980 Graduates 35th ReunionThe majority of those attending are still in the Mining or Oil and Gas industries and their employers range from Transocean, Maca Mining, Minemakers Ltd, Wolf Minerals, Sandvik, Geoscience, Alecto Minerals, Wardell Armstrong International, Panafrican Group, Reunion Gold, South West Energy, Guidance Software, Hydronalix, Waste and Resources Action Programme and GSL.