Increasing efficiency with a new filter press in the GSL lab

As part of our ongoing expansion, we have taken delivery of a filter press, kindly on loan to us from Siltbuster. The unit consists of 11 plates measuring 25×25 cm, giving a working volume of 10l. Currently a low-permeability (1.1 l/dm2 min) multifilament cloth is installed for clay applications, but other, higher permeability cloths (up to several orders of magnitude) are also at our disposal for treating of other materials.

Whilst not constituting a piece of ‘test equipment’ as such, it will allow us to work considerably more efficiently on projects that produce a lot of slurry with fine material, such as a recent pilot plant project for blunging and classification of clay prior to magnetic separation and calcination.

Should you have any questions about the specifics of this unit or other services we offer, then please feel free to contact us.