Kathryn Hadler at Flotation ’15

Kathryn presented a poster at MEI’s Flotation ’15 conference in Cape Town on worked carried out by GSL in conjunction with Plymouth University showing our approach to mineral liberation, fine grinding and flotation. the study undertook the following :-

  • Mineral liberation analysis of regrind feed by INCA Mineral
  •  Determination of alternative grind size based on analysis of data
  •  Signature plot curve using laboratory SMD to establish specific energy input for current and suggested grind size
  •  Comparative batch flotation tests to compare flotation performance of different grind sizes

The results showed that  increasing the grind size slightly did not significantly increase the number of liberated chalcopyrite particles but improved the flotation performance by reducing the amount of fines and a 50% reduction in grinding energy was achieved. The main inference from the study was the importance of understanding the mineralogy of the ore and the liberation sizes of the minerals present and then relating this to the optimum grind size and flotation performance. Significant cost savings can be made by operators with this type of approach.

KH Flotation '15