New microscopy services offered by GSL

We are delighted to announce our newest addition to the ever-expanding range of laboratory and analytical equipment here at GSL; our ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V8 microscope with AxioVision software.  This system allows visualisation of particles down to 50 um, for preliminary evaluation of mineral samples.  Moreover, we can now offer detailed quantitative analysis of ceramic grinding media pre- and post-wear testing.  This enhances our existing ceramic media wear testing packages significantly; not only can we now measure and compare wear, but we can now use the microscopy analysis to understand the underlying mechanisms behind ceramic media wear.  This is a hugely powerful tool, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this service.

It is also worth noting that we are proudly independent in all of our ceramic media wear testing services; we will never share your media wear data, nor will we use media not supplied by the client for a specific project.

You can find further information here or you can contact us.