190123 Milling rig

New milling rig installed in the lab

GSL are pleased to have taken delivery of a new, versatile milling rig, capable of performing a range of industry-standard milling tests, including:

The mill can fit a wide range of different pots and has a torque sensor on the mill drive shaft to enable direct monitoring of mill power input.  The mill can be controlled to a fixed test duration, cumulative work input or number of revolutions, and the speed can be controlled as rpm which is automatically converted to % critical speed. Data can be monitored throughout the test and can be exported for further processing.

During a recent visit by Paul Morgan of DRA Global, the mill underwent site acceptance testing and calibration to provide the correction factors needed for the Grindmill test. This test uses population balance modelling and direct power measurement during batch testing to determine breakage rates, which can then be used for (S)AG and ball mill sizing. Upon completion of the calibration procedures GSL will be the only northern hemisphere lab to offer this test.