Selecting the right mill to bring energy costs down

With deposits requiring finer and finer grinding to achieve the liberation required to optimise mineral separation, selecting the right mill to bring energy costs down is critical.

At GSL, we have seen how a client’s preference in milling technology can vary based on the regions they have worked in, their experience and their project requirements. However, we always encourage our clients to look at the options available to ensure the most suitable technology for their process.

As world leaders in fine and ultrafine grinding, we have a number of fine grinding mills available, such as the Metso-Outotec Vertimill, SMD and Higmill®, Netzsch LME4 (IsaMill™) and the MMS RoStar, and offer more standard testing such as Bond rod and ball mill indices.

Selecting the right mill

By monitoring the energy input and the chemistry changes during milling and being able to assess the effects on subsequent separation processes, we are able to help clients in the process of selecting the right mill.

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