Survey – Innovation in Mineral Processing

It is often said that mineral processing as an industry is slow to react to new and innovative technologies, but detailed reports on the perception and adoption of innovation in mineral processing seem to be few and far between. At GSL. we are interested in your opinion on the who, what, where and when of innovation in mineral processing, so to that end we have set up a short survey:

Innovation in Mineral Processing

The survey is anonymous, and it consists of six categories:

  • Some questions on your background to help put results into perspective.
  • How do you see the speed of innovation and potential for further work in various mineral processing disciplines?
  • What do you see as important drivers and inhibitors to innovation?
  • Who are the most successful and productive sources of innovation?
  • When is the potential for innovation the greatest, and how should results/success stories be communicated?
  • Appraisal of the potential benefits of innovation, i.e. at what point does an innovation become a financially viable proposition?

We would be very grateful if you could spare some time to fill in this survey, which we estimate takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes. The results from this survey will be made available at a later date, and they will not be used for commercial purposes.

For clarity and consistency, please keep the following in mind when answering the questions:

  • All questions apply specifically to mineral processing, i.e. they exclude the petroleum sector and concentrate smelters/refineries
  • For the purposes of the survey, consider innovation as novel technological solutions that represent a significant improvement over existing solutions, as well as the engagement in research and development of these novel technologies.

We thank you for your time and hope the results of this survey can be of general benefit to professionals in all sectors of mineral processing.