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Flowsheet Development & Plant Design

GSL offers mineral processing design solutions that can be applied during flowsheet development and new plant design as well as to the design of expansions for existing plants. Technical knowledge and expertise gained working internationally enhances our concepts in process design and flow sheet development.

The company adds values to cost effective and environmentally friendly processing routes through its strong global relationships with mineral processing equipment suppliers. We are committed to reducing capital and operating expenditure over all areas of mineral processing plant design and the environmental impact.

Flowsheet modelling is used to simulate process flows and mass balances as well as giving indicative process costs.

The comprehensive laboratory facilities are often used at both bench and pilot scale for verification of process design and flowsheet development. Please click here to see a detailed review of our laboratory capabilities.

Plant Optimisation

Process consultancy and laboratory services are applied to mineral processing plant optimisation. GSL’ knowledge and expertise is used for the optimisation of existing plant processes, encompassing all aspects of mineral comminution, mineral separation and concentration.

Consultancy can be catered to optimising separation / concentration efficiency and energy efficiency for a variety of mineral processing techniques. Experience of working for a diverse worldwide client base within both the industrial and metalliferous minerals sectors, combined with the comprehensive range of laboratory testing facilities, allows GSL to offer reliable and informative process consultancy and mineral processing plant optimisation services.

Plant optimisation usually results in significant cost reductions and or improvements in plant recoveries.

Comprehensive metallurgy and mineral processing laboratory facilities are often used at both bench and pilot scale for verification of process optimisation.

Plant Audits

A range of on-site studies and services can be provided by GSL either through our in-house staff or in conjunction with associate companies depending upon the service required.

The services that the company provides include :

  • Process Plant Audits
  • Plant Process Optimisation
  • Environmental Audits and Management

A full report is supplied based on data collected and tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.