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Pilot Scale

Pilot scale test programmes can be designed to generate bulk sample and / or provide greater confidence in smaller scale results. GSL has a wide range of modular, flexible pilot equipment that can be used for purpose such as:

  • Flowsheet development – confirm bench scale testing and estimate industrial scale process operation.
  • Process optimisation – simulate client flowsheets and assess the effects of a process step change or sample variability on a continuous integrated operation
  • Bulk sample preparation – if a bulk sample is required for use in market evaluation testing, we can assist, working to the highest standards, ensuring product quality throughout. Please see below a video of our new larger pilot scale capabilities.

Please see below a video of our new larger pilot scale capabilities.

Details of GSL current modular pilot services are shown below. Please note that the throughputs quoted are dependent on material properties and particle size.


  • Crushing:
    • from 75 mm to 2 mm up to 1000 kg/h
  • Grinding:
    • from 6 mm to 0.1 mm up to 100 kg/h
    • from 0.3 mm to 0.005 mm up to 750 kg/h
    • fine grinding equipment including Stirred Media Detritor (SMD), IsaMill™ and HIGmill®


  • Titan 42 L bank – 6 x 7L cells (capacity up to 100 kg/h)
  • Maelgwyn Mineral Services Imhoflot Cell™ pneumatic flotation cell (capacity up to 8m3/h)

Gravity Concentration

  • Holman-Wilfley 800 shaking table (capacity up to 75 kg/h)
  • Holman-Wilfley 2000 shaking table (capacity up to 450 kg/h)
  • Gravity Mining Multi-Gravity Separator [MGS] (capacity up to 30kg/hr)
  • Mineral Technology spirals:
    • MG4 – Generic spiral for <40% heavy minerals
    • MG6 – Generic spiral for <40% heavy minerals
    • HG – High grade heavy mineral spiral for 20 – 90% heavy minerals feed
    • FM1 – Fine mineral spiral for separations in the 30 – 150µm range
    • Coal spiral for rejection of silicates and other ash minerals


  • Hydrocyclones:
    • 300L sump – 75 mm (3”) and 125 mm (5”) cyclones
    • 50L sump – 10 mm to 50 mm (2”)
  • Centrifuges:
    • Dynacone scroll


  • Maelgwyn Mineral Services Aachen Reactor™designed to facilitate mass transfer by increasing the dispersion of gas in a process fluid or slurry.

Industrial Minerals

  • Attrition scrubber / blunger

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Laboratory Equipment