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Solid-Liquid Separation

GSL is able to carry out the solid-liquid testing to assist with the selection of dewatering systems and assess how changes in the upstream process and/or feed may affect dewatering characteristics. We can carry out the following tests:


  • Flocculant screening – We can assist with optimising flocculant selection for a particular application to help maximise underflow density and overflow clarity.
  • Settling curve – Generate settling curves to establish the initial settling velocity and ultimate underflow density of a sample.


  • Vacuum filtration – GSL’ vacuum filtration setup can give indicative filtration rates and moisture content.
  • Pressure filtration – GSL can carry out pressure filtration testing to give indicative filtration rates and cake moisture content. Tests can be either carried out bench scale or with pilot scale pilot rig, depending on sample availability.


  • A good understanding of the rheology of a slurry is necessary when developing a flowsheet as it can have an impact on the choice of equipment, the design of a plant and ultimately, the economics of an operation.
  • GSL can offer a range of rheological services such as viscosity and yield stress measurements to assist with plant and equipment design.