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Pre-Feasibility Studies

Every metallurgical test programme we product is tailored to the client requirements and deposit type. The summary below provides some starting points for consideration. If you would like to discuss building a bespoke programme of work for your project, please contact us.


Optimisation of the scoping study & basic variability studies


Variability work across domains defined by:

  • Lithology
  • In situ grade
  • Preliminary mine plan (if developed at this stage)
  • Ore domains (if built of multiple pods)


Optimisation testwork conducted on a master composite of the selected domains

  • Increased Hardness testing to include Bond Ball and Rod, Abrasion Index, SAG Design tests etc
  • If scoping preconcentration was successful, conduct large dense media testwork, or ore sorter testwork (with subsequent testwork on the concentrate)
  • Separation testwork improves and enhances the original testwork
    • Tank Leaching – cyanide strength, pulp solids content, requirement of air / oxygen sparging, lead nitrate addition, carbon adsorption
    • Heap Leaching – cyanide strength, agglomeration and column tests
    • Gravity Testwork – upscaling testwork, spirals, table testwork, dressing circuit design (magnets / flotation etc)
    • Flotation Testwork – Further reagent scoping and dosage testwork, regrind size testwork, more Locked Cycle Tests
    • Settling data – Dosage trials, requirement of rakes
    • Filtration tests for dry stack tailings efficacy
    • Environmental testing – Additional NAG/ABA, water aging testwork
    • Variability testwork for magnetic separation, does the magnetic product require a dressing circuit to remove penalties

Test optimal conditions on individual domains

  • Test each of the samples with the “optimal” grade vs. recovery conditions from the master composite tests
    • Include Bond Work Index on each domain & settling rate test using the optimal conditions
    • Mineralogy on each of the domains, categorises the variability between the samples

Next phase: Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS)

Previous phase: Scoping / Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)